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EP Importers

Located in Kagoshima, Japan

Founded in Feb. 2011

Products does not include International Shipping until you complete your check-out process. If you want more than one part please contact us first so we can save you money by shipping parts together. Also our website does not calculate shipping cost for multiple orders....

If you see parts in the For Photo Albums and not in the web store and you want to purchase them, please contact us and we will go from there.  :)

If a return is needed, we wont cover shipping on return products as noted in the Store Policies.

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All Toyota AE86 Toyota AE92 Toyota AE101 Silver Top Toyota AE111 Black Top Toyota KE70 Toyota TE27 Toyota TE71 Toyota MR2 Toyota Cressida MX40-41 Toyota Cressida/Mark II/Chaser/Cresta GX71 Toyota GX61 Toyota GX51 Toyota Starlet KP61 Toyota Starlet EP82 Toyota Starlet EP91 Nissan Silvia Nissan 180sx Nissan Skyline R32 Nissan Skyline/Hakosuka Honda CRX Honda EF Civic Honda Integra Type R Honda Odyssey RA1 ~ RA5 Honda S2000 Honda Shuttle Wheels and Caps Aftermarket Steering Wheels Train / Tsurikawa Handles Universal Accessories Clothing Toys EP Importers Decals/Stickers Toyota LiteAce Truck GT-86/FT-86 Collectables
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RS CHITA 4ag Throttle Linkage Kit
J Blood AE86 Kouki Rear FRP Valance Kit
GT-86/FT-86 (F20) TODA Red Pulley Kit
AE86 FogLight Switch
AE86 Kouki Interior Window/Door Lever Handle Kit
AE86 3DR. Quarter Window (w/ non-type Lower clips) R/L Clip Set
AE86 Rear Kouki (LSD Type) R/L Axel Set
AE86/LiteAce Truck 4.778 Ring and Pinion Set
AE86 Battery Holder Kit WITHOUT Tray
AE86 Battery Holder Kit
CarMate "Indeed" DE154 Drink and Mobile Phone/Cigarette Holder
Ukiya86 AE86 Radiator Cooling Plate
GX71/61/51 Full Rear Valance
Skyline/Hakosuka Rear Trunk Spoiler
GX71/61/51 Rear Trunk Spoiler
GX71/61/51 Rear Spoiler and Valance Set
RA1~RA5 Odyssey Chrome Fender Arch Trim Set
RA1~RA5 Odyssey FRP Fender Flare Set
EP Importers 15 x 10cm Round Printed Sticker
Pink/White Train Handle with AD Block
AE86 Levin Kouki Front Bumper Winker Set
White Sparkle Deep Spoke Steering Wheel (33cm)
CarMate "INDEED" (DE151) Drink and Phone Holder
KEY!S Racing Kinoshita (07Y) Deep Spoke Steering Wheel with Horn
AE86/AE92/MR2 4A-G HKS Replica Pressure Up Kit
Gundam (RX-78-2) AC Vent Cup Holder
35cm Leopard Print Steering Wheel made by OG
RA1~RA5 Odyssey Rear Gate Parking Mirror (OEM)
Honda EF5 Shuttle Front Clear Corner Light Set
RA1~RA5 Chrome Side Mirror Covers

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    Finally a company you can trust!!!

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